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  • Maintenance

    Every year
    To keep your court in premium condition
    • 3 Heavy Moss Treatments A Year
    • 3 Heavy Weed Treatments & Spot Weed Killing
    • £250 Of Your Annual Clean
    • Minor Repairs When Visiting The Site
Ball on Tennis Court

Why Do The Maintenance Plan?

It can't be understated how important regular moss treatments and cleans are to your surface. When moss gets into the surface it expands damaging the tarmac drastically. So when the moss is removed by a high powered cleaner the weak and damaged tarmac will come with it, leaving holes and diverts in and around the court! 

By doing the regular treatments it prevents the moss from expanding and kills it off before any unfixable damage. With the moss not being able to grow little to no damage will be done to your court when cleaning; preserving the court life.

Some moss may still grow in-between treatments but not at its normally rate, then it will be stopped in its tracks before it can spread. Doing this treatment will save huge amounts of money in the future giving your court a much better life expectancy and improving the playing surface all year round.

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Our Radius

Please Contact Us For A Quotation If Your Court Isn't In The Radius.

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